22 Mar

Resilio Connect

For a couple of months ago i was looking at a p2p sync service which works almost as seafile or

06 Mar

Freebsd 11.0 – FEMP

FEMP This is a basic setup of FEMP, it’s splitted in several parts. First you have to select either installing

01 Feb

Watercooling – Open system

This is my first attempt connecting a watercooling to a computer, it contains a couple of newbie issues due to

19 Jan

Freebsd 11.0 – LanCache

During one of the lan events I was hosting for my students I noticed the total bandwidth for 3 days,

15 Jan

Freebsd 11.0 – Link Aggregation (Lagg)

In this short post i’ll go through what link aggregation is, how it works and when/where it could be applied.