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This is my first attempt connecting a watercooling to a computer, it contains a couple of newbie issues due to lack of reading before ordering. But in the end everything went well and fully running. I want to thank my students for giving me suggestions how to complete this build and for coming up with improvements, since I’m not perfect in any kind of way. And you will find the full shopping cart for this water-cooling build at the bottom of the post.

GPU Waterblock

First I had to remove the fan / current cooling from the graphic card, and clean it. Which was rather easy. Screwing on the gpu block wasn’t a big deal ensure that the holes are upwards for clean and good connection.

Two things I forgot while ordering the cooling system was the passive heatsink for the small chipset/memory marked in the 3rd photo. And I was stupid or lazy enough that I didn’t read the item description while ordering so I had no connector for the GPU-block to the tube. So in my second delivery i added connector, heatsink, and a extra tube just in case of incidents.

Installing the components

Installing the components will be easy, just put down the mainboard in the case and screw it down, same with graphic card, memory cards, and power supply. I’m skipping the wires till the end, just to ensure that i wont drill into them while modifying the case. The images bellow is self explaining of how everything is placed and screwed down into the case.

Installing radiator

Starting of with the placement of each part, there are some alternatives to where everything has a place to be screwed down. But all those alternatives are meant for a smaller kit, thus if connected to those places everything will weak and easy to break, even possible that it will give some vibration in the case.

I decided to use the 5.25” drive bay for the radiator since i had no mini display or dvd for the build. This means that i had to drill for some extra holes to keep it in place. Since the powersupply is right under the radiator i gave it some space by leaning the radiator on the back plate and screwing everything down. On the plus side, it looks good and fits perfect with the rest of the case.

Images of the radiator modification/placement

Installing the pump/reservoir

The pump + reservoir was a bit trickier to add to the case, i was given several tips from my students where to put it, either on the right side of the computer case making it look slick but had a flaw when it came to connecting the pipes and wires also a hazel to get the uv-led strip to shine on everything. Another place was to put it in the back of the case almost where the water pipe holes were located which is a good place for the wiring, but it would be hidden all the time.

But we ended up placing it at the bottom of the mainboard which will hide some of the wires, and the tubes will be easy to connect and give that extra nice look. But this also meant that we had to drill 4 holes in the case which was a easy fix.

Images of the pump/reservoir placement


I kept the wiring pretty much basic, and I decided to skip sleeving for a future lesson. The goal is hide all the wires and keep the wires in order, instead of a rat nest that people tend to create. This part is just time consuming and not that hard to do. I left some areas to improve for the future, but that have to wait because i have to replace the power supply due to a faulty connector, and sleeve the wires with bright green sleeves.

Images of the wiring


The watertubes was easy to install, the hard part was making sure that i had enough to make it go around. It didn’t allow any mistake, and none were made. I recommend to have the correct tools for cutting the tubes and measuring correct lengths. We decided to wire it water from pump -> radiator -> cpu -> gpu -> back to pump.

Up and running end images

CPU: Intel 4670k | Mainboard: Asus Z87-Pro | GPU: Gigabyte Nvidia 660OC-2GD
Memory: 2x8Gb | Powersupply: Corsair 500W modular psu. | HDD: 2x 1TB WD-Black, in raid 0.

Bill of material

http://www.coolerkit.com/shop/ek-vga-supremacy-3316p.html – GPU Block
http://www.coolerkit.com/shop/xspc-raystorm-d5-4261p.html?key=01XS025 – Full Kit
http://www.coolerkit.com/shop/alphacool-gpu-heatsinks-1763p.html?key=AL002 – GPU Heatsink
http://www.coolerkit.com/shop/alphacool-gpu-heatsinks-4170p.html – More GPU heatsink
http://www.coolerkit.com/shop/xspc-push-on-2991p.html – 2 Extra push-on screws for the gpu
http://www.coolerkit.com/shop/coollaboratory-liquid-2585p.html – The liquid 1L

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